The Ica Solar Station is a new national facility managed through the cooperation between the National Ica University and the Geophysical Institute of Peru, moreover to the important cooperation from Hida Observatory of Kyoto University. At the Solar Station, observation of the Sun are made with the first Flare Monitoring Telescope (FMT) installed outside Japan as part of CHAIN-Project. The CHAIN-Project is supported and sponsored by Hida Observatory, whose aim is to observe the Sun 24-hour continuously.

Flare Monitoring Telescope

The FMT is a powerful instrument to record full-disk solar image at different wavelength around H-alpha absorption line simultaneously. The science target of the FMT is to monitor solar flares and erupting filaments continuously all over the solar disk and to investigate the correlation between the characteristics of the erupting phenomena and the geoeffectiveness of corresponding coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

FMT Data

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  •  12-Feb-2011 C2.6-class flare
  •  15-Feb-2011 C4.8-class flare
  •  15-Feb-2011 C1.7-class flare
  •  15-Feb-2011 C6.6-class flare
  •  16-Feb-2011 M1.6-class flare
  •  16-Feb-2011 C7.7-class flare
  •  17-Feb-2011 C1.3-class flare
  •  19-Feb-2011 C1.0-class flare
  •  19-Feb-2011 C1.5-class flare
  •  19-Feb-2011 C1.9-class flare
  •  19-Feb-2011 C6.1-class flare
  •  19-Feb-2011 C1.9-class flare

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