Notification for data users

Occasionally, one would find some dark spots on the solar disk, caused by dusts attached on the CCD detector.iSample) In case it is difficult to judge whether a certain feature is really a solar phenomenon or caused by dusts, please compare the images with "All day movie" and distinguish from the dust artifacts.

Your erequest for using original data(TIFF format) is appreciated. Please apply to webmaster <at>  with the following information; date and time, purpose and the type of data(see below). However, we note that we do not cover all the observation term and active regions because of  climate conditions, maintenance of equipments, and other reasones.
 Type of Data@
There are two modes on our observation by Sartorius Telescope.
@*Full Image modei8bit TIFF format, 2024~2040pixjFIt is the normal mode of our observation. We observe calm sun by this mode, that is, the Sun without outstanding phenomena. The size of the image is fixed(2024 x 2040 pix). The time resolution of image acquisition is 2 minutes regularly. (In some irregular cases, for example, during a special observation campaign period, or in case of a high activation of sun, the time resolution is 30 sec. or 1 min. regularly. )
 We use this full size images to make All day Movies.
  *Partial Image mode (10bit TIFF format, arbitray size): In case of some active solar phenomena, like a solar flare, prominence eruption etc., we use this mode. The image size is not fixed. The time resolution is 2-3 sec. regularly in this mode.
 We use this images to make Event Movies.

Use of data for public education efforts and non-commercial purposes is encouraged. If you would like to use the data for an article, book, or other kind of publication including electronic ones, please contact us, webmaster <at>

Sartorius 18cm Refractor
Focal length
Light gathering  power
Limiting visual magnitude
H-alpha Lyot filter, Halle co.
Full disk optical system
Total focal length
Effective aperture
Total F/ratio
Pixel number
2024 x 2040pix
Camera resolution