Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Astrophysics and Material Science

Group photo taken on November 2 (Another photo)

This workshop is an interdisciplinary one among astrophysics, nuclear physics and condensed matter physics. The aim of the workshop is to encourage the communication between different fields and to find universal structure in nonequilibrium dynamics in various fields. Indeed, there are plenty of examples of nonequilibrium dynamics in astronomical environment and collision of nuclear matter. Thus, it is a good occasion to think of application of new methods in nonequilibrium physics to describe phenomena observed in such fields. In this workshop, we will focus the three fields,

  1. jet processes in astronomy, heavy nuclear collisions and granular materials,
  2. the formation of planetary rings based on granular kinetic theory,
  3. physics of fluid turbulence and its application to various fields.

The organizers will welcome young and flexible researchers who are interested in broad fields of science.


The workshop will be held at Panasonic Auditorium of Yukawa Memorial Hall, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University.

Please see following page for details: Access to Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics

Important Dates