SOHO/CDS and Hida/DST Coordinated Observation in 2004

Observation summary

Date (JST)DST ObservationTarget
2004-08-03 Available West part of AR 10655
2004-08-04 Only snapshots Center of AR 10655
2004-08-05 Not available Center of AR 10655

DST Instruments setup

CDS observation program

One sequence takes 45 minutes. It is performed 4 times from 22:00 UT to 01:00 UT for each day.

TypeSlitStepsFOVTimesSpectral ines
Wide raster4" x 240"1248" x 240"1 He I, O V, Mg IX
Narrow raster4" x 240"416" x 240"50 He I, O V, Mg IX
Density diagnostics2" x 240"12" x 240"3 He I, O V, Mg IX, Mg VII, Si X

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