Co-operative Observation with XDT-Rocket

This observation was hold in order to support the XUV-Dopper-Telescope on boarded the rocket made by High-energy-solarphysics-team of National Astronomical Observatory.
The XDT can observe filtering images around a coronal emission line (FeXIV 211A) of the solar full disk ( Example ). Thus, they can obtain the coronal velocity field along the line of sight of the full disk.
Besides our Kwasan Observatory, this observation was co-operated by many ground-based observatories, such as Hida Obs., Norikura Corona Obs., Mitaka Obs., Nobeyama Radio Obs., Hiraiso Obs., Nishi-harima Public Obs. etc.

  1) Target region (NOAA 8144, 8145, 8146)
     [30-Jan; Ha line center], [30-Jan; Ha + 0.5A],[30-Jan; Ha - 0.5A]
     [31-Jan; Before Rocket Launch; Ha line center]->[ ZOOM IN ] 
     [31-Jan; After Rocket Launch; Ha line center]

  2) Another Active Region (NOAA 8143)
     [30-Jan; Ha line center]
     [31-Jan; Ha line center]->[ ZOOM IN ]

  3) Other Regions in the Ha Absorption Line
     [North Pole; 31-Jan], [North-East Limb; 31-Jan]
     [South-East Quiet Region; 31-Jan]

Observation by S.UeNo & H.Dhani  at Kwasan Obs.
            using 18cm Refracting Telescope made in German;Zartorius, 1910
		  and H alpha Lyot-filter by Halley.