Announcement of Winter Internship for Solar Physics
at Hida Observatory, Japan

This is a call for applications from graduate students who
reside outside of Japan for participation in the winter
internship program for solar physics that will take place
at Hida observatory of Kyoto University, Japan. The research
topic will be the observational study of solar active phenomena
using the Domeless Solar Telescope (DST) and Solar Magnetic
Activity Telescope (SMART) at Hida observatory:

Selection will be based on the contents of the submitted
application form (see below), with 2 students (number may
vary) being selected. Travel and accommodation costs will
be fully supported. The period of stay at Hida Observatory
will be for 1 to 2 months during 2013.12.21 to 2014.2.28.

Please send your application form, or any questions regarding
the internship, by email to
with the title 'Hida Winter Internship'.

The due date for the application is 3 Nov. 2013.

Kiyoshi Ichimoto,   Professor, Kyoto Univ.
Satoru Ueno,        Assistant Professor, Kyoto Univ.
Shin'Ichi Nagata,   Assistant Professor, Kyoto Univ.

Application form

Full name:

Age and gender(optional):

University / College:


Current research field and publications (if any):

Reason for application (Approximately 400 words):

Contact information of a person who can provide a reference: