A. Edom Brightening on 7 and 8 June

  1 ) Edom Brightened on 7 June, Don PARKER Reports !

  2 ) Tom DOBBINS Reviews the Data at the Florida Keys, and Suggests Further Possibilities of the Edom Brightening in July and August.

  3 ) The Sequence of the Edom Flares on 7 June at the Florida Keys, Tom DOBBINS Reports (Images Are Processed by David MOORE)

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  4 ) A Photometry Expert Comments on the Edom Images, as Bill SHEEHAN kindly forwarded.

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  5 ) DOBBINS Responds to Andy YOUNG's Remarks

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  6 )Tom DOBBINS Alludes to the possible Flashes in 2003;

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  7 )Polarization of Martian flares

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for Our CMO Article Reviewing the Sun-glint Phenomena

 B. Yellow Dust Cloud

  3 ) The Images Taken around the World of the 2001 Dusty Mars are Piled up Still in This CMO Web from 24 June 2001 through 7 April 2002.

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  2 ) MGS Proved a Gradual Warming near the Northern Hellas from 24 June, T Z MARTIN (NASA) Reports;
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  1 )Yellow Dust Cloud Started on 24 June as the CMO Members Observed!

Index of Director's Reports
Final updating on 24 July
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(left) 27 June 2001 at 13:11 GMT
LCM=248°W   Ls=185°

(right) 3 July 2001 at 12:31 GMT
LCM=186°W,  De=6°N,  189°Ls
App. Diam=20.4" ,  Ph Angle=17°

Both are composite images made from about 200 frames
taken by the use of a 60cm Cassegrain (at the Sakai City Observatory)
equipped with a Sony TRV-900 Video Camera

 C. The 9th CMO Meeting of the Mars Observers was successfully held at Okinawa on 20, 21 and 22 July.

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