A. The Planet Mars Will be Closest to the Earth on 5 March 2012

The planet Mars will be closest to the Earth on 5 March 2012 at 17h GMT with the maximal apparent diameter of 13.89", while the planet is at opposition on 3 March 2012 at 20h GMT. The days are not so different, and as well the maximal diameter implies, this is an aphelic opposition. The previous aphelic opposition occurred in February 1995 with the maximal diameter 13.85".

(16 January 2012)

 B. Protrusions from the Dawn Terminator

One of the most interesting observations this apparition was several checks of the protrusions from the morning terminator. These were discovered as follows: On 12 Mar (ι=08°, at ω=154°W) by M DELCROIX, on 14/15 Mar (ι=10°, at ω=152°W) by D PEACH, on 20 Mar (ι=13°, at ω=147°W) by W JAESCHKE, on 21 Mar (ι=14°, at ω=146°W) by D PARKER, on 21 Mar (ι=14°, at ω=153°W) by J PHILLIPS, on 6 Apr (ι=24°, at ω=354°W) by D PARKER, on 9 Apr (ι=26°, at ω=184°W) by Y GORYACHKO, on 12 Apr (ι=27°, at ω=160°W) by Y GORYACHKO, on 13 Apr (ι=28°, at ω=185°W) by D PEACH, on 25 Apr (ι=32°, at ω=180°W) by W FLANAGAN. These dawn phenomena remind us of the cases in 2003 which were found by us (http://www.kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~cmo/cmomn2/283OAA/index.htm): In that case the observations were performed successive days at the same longitudes (mainly at ω=203°W), and hence it was apparent the protrusion remained there for a while, and it was also apparent they were caused by the Solar activity at that time. The Solar wind passed away rapidly, but the mushroom protrusion (at the Ausonia-Hellas region) remained for several days at the same place although we don't yet know what matter remained there. However these protrusions are never any meteorological clouds.

(30 June 2012)

 C. End of the 2011/12 Apparition

The Mars observation in the 2011/12 apparition ended. The last image observation was made by F MELILLO on 23 Aug 2012 when the apparent diameter was 5.3".

(02 October 2012)

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