A. Mars is Now Considerably High up in the Eastern Sky at Dawn

  The planet Mars now shines inside the Constellation Virgo with the magnitude +1.3. The apparent diameter of the Mars image on 1 Jan 2016 was δ=5.6", the Martian season was λ=089°Ls, and the tilt was φ=20°N

 B. The Planet Mars now Shines in the Vicinity of Antares ( α Scorpii) at midnight

  Mars was just at opposition on 22 May 2016 at 11:11 GMT with the angular diameter δ=18.4". Here is shown a real animation of the Mars rotation from 10:46 GMT to 14:01 GMT on 20 May 2016, elaborated by Maurice VALIMBERTI, a veteran amateur astronomer in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

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