CLICKS (15) CMO #231


  @ A NISHITA and H TSUNEMACHI informed us that the following two Web-Sites may currently be of interest.

First about the updated MSSS Gallery:
More than 20,000 images made by the MOC/MGS maintained by the Malin Space Science Systems have been added and the total numbers shown on the Gallery amounted thus to 25,000.

Second, a BBC Internet News (Monday, 22 May 2000, 15:55 GMT 16:55 UK) about the 15th meteorite originated from Mars:
A brownish grey stone weighing 1,056 grammes, found on 24 January 2000 in the Dhofar region of Oman, turned out to be a rare meteorite which had come from Mars. This Martian basalt rock, provisionally named Dhofar 019, was analysed mineralogically by scientists at the Vernadsky Institute in Moscow and the University of Tennessee to suggest that it shows no signs of having been melted during its passage through the Earth's atmosphere. This is possibly because it was a fragment of a once larger meteorite.