Alan HEATH #211

Letters to the Editor

from Alan HEATH in CMO #211

@ . . . . With All Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Alan and Joan HEATH
(rec 14 Dec 1998)

Cave Reflector @ . . . . Thank you for the Seasons Greetings which are heartily reciprocated.

  Enclosed as requested is a photograph showing the 10-in Cave Reflector. As it is now in the observatory it is not easy to photograph to show all of it, but I hope to get better ones soon. The telescope performs very well and I only wish we could have seeing conditions to do it justice.

  I hope to be with MARS shortly but we are currently experiencing poor weather. It is low after low coming in off the Atlantic and bringing rain and strong winds. It can only get better, or can it?

  Very Best Wishes to you all.

  P.S. I am pleased to see that David GRAY is contributing to you. He is a very accurate and careful observer and must rank as one of the best in Britain now.

(30 Dec 1998)    

Alan's 25cm Cave Reflector  
(Photo: Alan HEATH 1998)  

  Alan HEATH (Nottingham,UK)