Alan HEATH #215

Letters to the Editor

from Alan HEATH in CMO #215

@ . . . . I regret that I have only one observation of Mars to date and this was a pretty awful view. My attention was drawn to a possible dust storm between 0▀and 29▀by Richard McKim following a report from David Gray.
    23 February 1999 at 03.45UT
    278x 10-in (250mm) Reflector
    Seeing very unsteady S4-5
  The phase was very obvious and only three dark features were seen. These were S Sabaeus and S Meridiani together with M Acidalium. All recorded at intensity 5 where '0' is the white pole cap and 10 the black background sky. I could not see any features following S Meridiani but with the awful seeing this was perhaps not surprising. I tried hard to see Aurorae S near the limb but could not see this feature. The pole cap was not striking being seen as a lighter region at the N limb and somewhat diffused.
  Regretably the seeing conditions for Venus have not been much better either but I still hope that I may get a few views of Mars which are at least reasonable. I can but hope!
  I have arranged to visit Turkey for the solar Eclipse this year, hat is if hostilities do not escalate in that area. We understand that western tourists are at some risk in Turkey so will have to wait until nearer the time to see how things are. The weather prospects are much better for Turkey than here in Cornwall and we have the added bonus of the Perseid meteors too.
  Very Best Wishes to you all. Kindest regards
(4 Apr 1999)    

  Alan HEATH (Nottingham,UK)