Alan HEATH #221

Letters to the Editor

from Alan HEATH in CMO #221

@ . . . . Enclosed are my latest observations of Mars. Unfortunately, the skies have been far from favourable and only the main features have been seen.
  A correction is needed to my notes as the feature I called Thoth is apparently a darkened Aetheria.
  The Blue Syrtis Cloud has been noted, the S.Major being invisible in Blue (W47) filter, seen well in red but gradually fading towards the shorter wavelengths.
  I am looking forward to seeing the total eclipse of the Sun in August from Turkey.

  With Very Best Wishes to you all.

  P.S.   I recently received an excellent video of Jupiter and Saturn by HIGA of Okinawa. He has promised some images of Mars too and I look forward to these. The video images showed Jupiter better than I was seeing the planet visually though I did notice some turbulent images from time to time.

(23 June 1999)    

  Alan HEATH (Nottingham,UK)