David GRAY #210

Letters to the Editor

from David GRAY in CMO #210

@. . . . . To the OAA Mars Section: Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

  Please find enclosed my most recent Mars observations. Unfortunately I missed the dead line for CMO No.209. But have enclosed a few sheets from that period you perhaps may still like to have. Hope to get future ones to you more promptly.
  Had a good display of Leonids on Nov.17 (0515 - 0610 UT) before starting with Mars. Although was not observing systematically, there were thee to five per minute brighter than -1. Which suggested perhaps >600/ph in this magnitude range alone if the unobserved parts of the sky were included. See Mars notes for Nov 17 regarding a spectacular Fireball that I did not quite see!!

(12 Dec 1998 email)

David GRAY ( Durham, UK )