David GRAY #238
Letters to the Editor

from David GRAY in CMO #238

@. . . . .   I had hoped to have sent some Mars observations by now; but the few opportunities weather and other circumstances have allowed all came with bad seeing. The best being mid September through to early October when only the NP Cap was fairly certain; albedo features being weak and doubtful in the conditions.
  This apparition is particularly unfavourable for me, the planet barely getting above our kitchen extension around opposition. I will of course persevere, but can not promise too much I am sorry to say. That is assuming that the OAA still welcomes visual observations, which seem to be falling into disfavour in some quarters.
  I am still hampered by the permanent nightshift regime I wrote you about some time back. Although I have so far managed to observe Saturn on over forty dates this apparition. Actually observing Venus fits in pretty well with my current hours of working and I will be taking advantage of this in the coming months. But will definitely doing my best with Mars.
  My very best wishes,
(11 December 2000)

David GRAY ( Durham, UK )