Damian PEACH #231

Letters to the Editor

From Damian PEACH in CMO #231

@ . . . . .   Many thanks for the latest CMOs newsletters. I enjoyed the article on Tharsis/Olympus Mons in particular. Your drawing from May 21st, 1999 is particularly impressive, showing the volcanoes as dark spots. Hopefully, next apparition i will enjoy such views (i am planning a trip abroad for May 2001 to image Mars) but i will let you know more nearer the time.
Many Thanks
(6 May 2000 email)

@ . . . . .   Here are some Mars images sent to me by Robert Schulz (Austria). He asked that i forward them to those who may be interested. You can contact him at franz.schulz@chello.at

(23 May 2000 email)

Damian PEACH (Norfolk UK) : ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections