Damian PEACH #236

Letters to the Editor

From Damian PEACH in CMO #236

@ . . . . .   Here is an RGB shot from this morning. Heavy fog caused problems later in the session. Oval BA is clearly seen. Also note a small dark spot in the STZ preceding BA.
(13 Oct 2000 18:40 email)

@ . . . . .   Here are Saturn images (#1) (#2) from yesterday morning. The STrZ white spot longitude was presented in the images (the CM presented is just a few degrees off its previously recorded L3 position.) No bright spots are recorded in any wavelengths. Clearly the spot has disappeared, or very rapidly moved position!. Also note a distinct red coloured band toward the pole.

(14 Oct 2000 5:12 email)

 (Ed)   PEACH's Jupiter image created an immediate sensational reputation :
For instance; "This got to be one of your best shot! " (W. L. TAN), "Excellent image, Damian truly excellent!" (M Di SCIULLO), "Congratulations... your latest images are remarkable....why bother with Hubble when your images are better!" (Martin MOBBERLEY), "Wonderful images! Your seeing conditions (and skill, of course!) seem to be exceptional - My attempts are being frustrated by clouds at the moment" (Terry PLATT), "GREAT imaging!!! YES..." (António CIDADÃO) etc.
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