Damian PEACH #238
Letters to the Editor

From Damian PEACH in CMO #238

@. . . . .   Thought this may interest you all!
Best Wishes

Fw: Daily Release of Cassini Images Begins

> Dear Colleagues, Friends and Fans of Cassini,
> You will find our latest, and I might add spectacular, Cassini
> image of Jupiter in the usual place:
>           http://ciclops.lpl.arizona.edu/
> We have in fact now exceeded even the highest resolution
> imagery of Hubble Space Telescope and the details we are
> seeing are simply gorgeous.
> From today, and up to closest approach on December 30, we
> will be releasing images almost daily.   Visit our website
> throughout this period as Cassini captures images of the
> Jovian rings, satellites, atmosphere, aurorae and more.
> For non-Cassini folks:  We are saving the best results for
> the Cassini/Galileo Press Conference on Saturday, December 30,
> 2000, from 10:00 - 11:00 am PST.  This news briefing will be
> carried on NASA Select.  If your cable system intercepts it,
> be sure to see it.
> A Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season to all of you,
> Carolyn PORCO 
Cassini Imaging Team Leader
CICLOPS, LPL, University of Arizona

> PS.  As usual, Cassini folks should distribute this to their
> team members.  Thanks.
(19 December 2000 email)

@. . . . .   Here is my first observation of the new Mars apparition. Good seeing finally returned, but dense fog throughout prevented images being obtained. The majority of the observation was unfiltered. Full details are in the txt file.

  Merry Christmas

(22 December 2000 email)

Damian PEACH (Norfolk UK) : ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections; BAA Saturn Section