Don PARKER #212

Letters to the Editor

from Don PARKER in CMO #212

@. . . . . Many thanks for the birthday wishes. Unfortunately, I celebrated the day by over sleeping for Mars this morning -- now I will feel guilty all day!
  I am sorry to hear about your mother. I do consider myself lucky in that my mother is alert -- alert enough, in fact, to routinely point out all my shortcomings! By the standards of our modern society, the care and attention that you have given your mother is remarkable. It can be most difficult. Before my father died, he stayed with us for almost a year --had to have both legs amputated and required much care. He was often embarrassed about this, being self-sufficient all his life. But then our parents changed our diapers, fed us, and did all the messy and disagreeable things for us for years, so that is the least we can do is return.
  I hope that you are feeling better and will get some good observing conditions soon. I will try to alter my sleep habits and shoot Mars tomorrow!
  Will send you all my images. Thanks again, Best.
(28 Jan 1999 email)