Don PARKER #223

Letters to the Editor

from Don PARKER in CMO #223

@. . . . . Dear Masatsugu and Masami,
  Many thanks for your concern. My family and I really appreciate your kind thoughts. Fortunately Hurricane Floyd took a turn just in time to avoid us. However, I was forced to take down my telescope and close up the observatory. In view of the continued threats in the tropics, I will stay "down" for a few more weeks. I am just too old and fat to go through the disassembly drill more than once per year! This will also give me time to get caught up with processing my Mars images and sending you these plus some drawings.
  I saw on the Weather Channel today that a major typhoon is heading towards Japan. I certainly hope that it misses and goes out to sea. This is a bad time of year for all of us, it seems!

Hope all is well with you. Best,

(23 Sept 1999 email)