Don PARKER #237

Letters to the Editor

from Don PARKER in CMO #237

@ . . . . Attached is a CCD Mars image and a drawing. Despite poor conditions Mars' aspect appears normal for season and CM. NPC bright with prominent Lowell's Band. Propontis I dark, near terminator. Cimmerium M. and albedo features surrounding Elysium visible.

Note :
MARS IMAGES 11 Nov., 2000,
D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL.
Lynxx PC camera 16-in (41cm) F/6 Newtonian Eyepiece Projection @ f/55.2

Integration times: Red (RG610 -No IR Rejection) 0.70s
Images flat and dark corrected.

Seeing poor (2-3). Transparency fair due to altitude of 35 degrees (4.0-4.5m).
Wind gusty, NNW 0-12 kts. Temp = 69 degrees (post "cold front"!!)
Composite of 2 images.

(13 Nov 2000 email)