Don PARKER #238
Letters to the Editor

from Don PARKER in CMO #238

@ . . . . I have attached some more Mars images taken on 12 December.   Best,

Note :
MARS IMAGES 12 Dec., 2000
D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL.

    Lynxx PC camera
    16-in (41cm) F/6 NEWTONIAN
    Eyepiece Projection @ f/55.2

  Integration Times:

    BLUE  (Koheisha, 445nm peak central; BWHM 105nm)  6.00s
    GREEN (Koheisha, 540nm peak central; BWHM 75nm)   2.40s
    RED   (RG610 - No IR Rejection)                   0.70s
Images flat and dark corrected.
Seeing very good (7-8)..Transparency variable due to fast low clouds (0-5m).
No wind. Altitude = 35-42 degrees.
Blue and Green images are composites.

Mars' aspect appears normal for season and CM. NPC bright with prominent Lowell's Band. Bright evening cloud over Elysium with possible ECB. Bright S. limb cloud over Hellas. Morning limb haze. Casius and Hyblaeus extension prominent.

(14 Dec 2000 email)