Nicolas BIVER #215

Letters to the Editor

From Nicolas BIVER in CMO #215

@ . . . . .Thank you for the notice. I have just brought my latest drawings to the post office this morning. Thank you for CMO#213 that gave nice credit to my observations. I don't know if you will get my latest drawings (March 23 and 25) on time for CMO#215. I won't be able to observe Mars April 1-4 and 9-18 as I go to Mauna Kea observatory! (There is unfortunately no small telescope available there while I am done with the radio observations!). Right now I do not have much time to attach the files to my E-mail (I still have to find out to do this with this Unix station), but there are available at: (March 23-25 drawings)

and some images of myself + one of the telescopes: (But that's with my 203mm newtonian in France...)
(Of lesser quality - in fact a 2-3min. exposure during night! - from here, with the 256mm telescope)

(31 Mar 1999 email)

Nicolas BIVER ( Hawaii, USA )   biver@IfA.Hawaii.Edu