Nicolas BIVER #223

Letters to the Editor

From Nicolas BIVER in CMO #223

@ . . . . . Thank you for keeping on sending me the CMO Newsletter and also updates via E-mail. Since mid-July and until early October, I haven't spent /will not stay/ more than 4 days in a row, here in Honolulu where my 25cm telescope is.
  This is due to (too many) travels to France (early August, but the Eclipse was clouded out from my observing place) and England, and now to Maunakea, before a trip to Chile . . . .
  So I have made fewer Mars observations recently and I'm just sending you copies of the latest one that are already a bit old . . . .  I am otherwise amazed by the hundreds of drawing of Mars you manage to do!
  Clean (steady) skies,
(30 Aug 1999)

Nicolas BIVER ( Hawaii, USA )   biver@IfA.Hawaii.Edu