Richard W SCHMUDE #215

Letters to the Editor

From Richard W SCHMUDE Jr in CMO #215

@ . . . . . During the past six months, I have been concentrating on obtaining magnitude and color measurements of Mars with an SSP-3 photoelectric photometer. As of April 3, I have succeeded in obtaining 34 B,V,R,I sets of data (136 total measurements) of Mars.
  On April 2, five sets of B,V,R and I magnitude measurements were made, and the average values are:
    V-filter magnitude =-1.15+/-.01, B-V=1.30, V-R=1.13 and R-I=0.49.
  These values are consistent with results from previous oppositions at a phase angle of 17.6degs. One Mars drawing is also enclosed that I made on April 2, 1999. Solis Lacus, the north polar cap and the western edge of Mare Acidalium are all visible.
(3 Apr 1999)

Richard W SCHMUDE Jr ( GA, USA )