Richard W SCHMUDE #238
Letters to the Editor

From Richard W SCHMUDE Jr in CMO #238

@ . . . . .   It has been nice receiving your fine CMO reports. I have read all of the reports related to the 1999 apparition and have cited them in my 1999 Mars report.

  I have carried out magnitude measurements of Mars.

  For 8 December I found magnitudes of

     V-filter  +1.67  LCM=298degW
     R-filter  +0.41  LCM=293degW
     I-filter  -0.07  LCM=289degW
  Mars was slightly dimmer than the predicted magnitude, but this is probably due to Syrtis Mj which was near the CM.

  In the meantime I hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(9 December 2000)

Richard W SCHMUDE Jr ( Georgia, USA )