Sam WHITBY #218

Letters to the Editor

from Sam WHITBY in CMO #218

@. . . . Finally I have managed to observe when the seeing has been fairly good. You will find drawings attached for May 12 and 13. The latter date entertained me with a display of Sinus Sabaeus separated from Sinus Meridiani by a bright arc on Mars' limb.
  Thank you for continuing to send the CMO. I regret that it has not been possible to observe as often as I would have liked. Even when there has been the opportunity to observe, the seeing has usually been poor. This is my reward for living in the northern hemisphere.
  I sent email to all email users in the Richmond Astronomical Society, asking anyone interested in observing Mars to get in touch with me. There have been precisely no responses. You can probably see why I have so little interest in meetings and so forth pertaining to that organization. Other than Tatum, there seems to be no one with the skill and/or interest to seriously observe the planets.
  Tyler has been well. David is taller than I am now. Colleen is talking about getting married. Uta and I are well. With best wishes,
(13 May 1999 email)

Samuel WHITBY ( VA, USA ) :