Sam WHITBY #221

Letters to the Editor

from Sam WHITBY in CMO #221

@. . . .   Thank you for figuring out the source of the problem with the transmission of my drawings.
  Thank you also for CMO 219, which arrived here safely. We do not have a monsoon, but we are having several days of very hot weather and rain. I still hope to observe Mars a few more times after the sky clears.
  I met Myron Wasiuta by email and encouraged him to contribute to the CMO.
  I will now rush to get to work on time.
(1 July 1999 eamil)

@. . . .   Thank you for CMO 220, which arrived safely today. Mr. Murakami had kindly notified me earlier of the updating of the CMO page. I have also received a very fine tape of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, made by Mr. Higa. I would like to write him a thank you note, but I am wondering if he reads English. If you have the opportunity, perhaps you could thank him for me. If you know that he will not be troubled by an English note and let me know, I will write directly to him. His tape has already been shown to my boys at work, and they seemed very impressed.

  After a period of very uncomfortably hot and hazy weather, we had about a week of unseasonably cool weather and rain. One day I even wore a jacket, not because protocol required it, because I wanted to stay warm.
  The weather has been friendly to the garden, which has produced abundant tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers, sweet peppers any day now. Because of the weather, it has not been possible to observe Mars. This afternoon it began to warm up and clear off, so maybe tonight I will be able to look at our Red Planet. Jupiter is high in the morning sky now, and I hope to see it also soon.

  Tyler has not had any more asthma problems. David is out of school for the summer and devoting himself to video games and television. He tried not to let me see him, but I caught him actually reading a book earliet this afternoon.

  I hope that as Mars recedes you will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

(15 July 1999 email)

Samuel WHITBY ( VA, USA ) :