Sam WHITBY #230

Letters to the Editor

from Sam WHITBY in CMO #230

@. . . .   Thanks for alerting me to the ball game. I will keep an eye out for the newspaper account of it.
(29 Mar 2000 eamil)

@. . . .   Thank you for your recent message. Thank you also for CMO #229 and the Mars apparition reports of the Fukui City Museum. The Mars drawings in the reports were beautiful, as always.
We have been so busy at work that I have had little time to observe anything in the sky. On April 6 I went out for a few minutes just as it became dark, just to look at the stars and relax before going to bed. I did go to bed soon thereafter, and, about an hour later, the best display of the aurora borealis in years began. I slept through the display and only learned about it by email later. The aurora was well observed by amateurs at Virginia Beach, VA. On the ninth of April, arriving at work, I heard a co-worker say, "Hey, Whitby, a few nights ago the wife and I were out on the lake fishing, and we saw something kind of unusual. Why do you think there were all those bright red streaks up in the sky?" The quotation would be funnier if I could write it in a rural Texas drawl and better communicate my friend's total innocence of any clue to what he had seen. Actually, he is one of the few co-workers who has an interest in such things, and he has learned many stars and constellations just by looking with me as we walk to our work sites in the morning.
  Several co-workers remarked that they had seen the impressive Tokyo baseball stadium. . . . I hope that Nomo has a good season. Maybe he will get to play in the World Series.
  The local trees are producing pollen now, leaving a yellow dust over almost everything outside. If Martians were watching, maybe they would get excited and send out a dust storm alert. As it really stands, we are all longing for a good, hard rain with wind, to blow away the pollen and the hay fever that comes with it. I hope you and yours are all well.
(13 Apr 2000 email)

Samuel WHITBY ( VA, USA ) :