Todd GROSS #237

Letters to the Editor

from Todd GROSS in CMO #237

@ . . . . Enclosed is a hi-res Jovian shot with the Zambuto/Starmaster 14.5 from this morning. I processed it with some noise included to keep it at full size and bring out the detail w/o smoothing too much. (26 Oct sys2 = 274)
  To make the image "look nice". . if you reduce it to 65% of it's original size (this is the actual image scale that I am sending here!), then the noise becomes non-objectionable.
  I did actually verify visually most of the small features that are in the shot . . . including that "continent" in the south, and the disruptions in the NEB. I could not limit the noise further on this otherwise high res. shot because I could only get 1 really good frame and 2 "almost good" ones . . in the time period alloted :) (2 minutes to avoid field rotation, and blur, it's alt-az). Used an MX5c ccd , best color I've gotten from it yet, true to form . . better in the larger scope.
(27 Oct 2000 email)

@ . . . . Subject: Jupiter 11/9/00 Sys 2: 245 degrees. Seeing was about a 6, 14.5" newtonian used, not as good as the 10/26 image. About 6 images averaged . . . alt-az mounting. Note, this can be used in conjunction with Dave Moore's shot just a couple of hours earlier than this one! ( I believe).

(10 Nov 2000 email)

Todd GROSS (Boston, MA, USA) :