TAN #227

Letters to the Editor

from TAN Wei-Leong in CMO #227

@ . . . . Here's a Mars image taken on the 27th Dec 1999 1208 UT. Aonius Sinus and Mare Sirenum are the dark markings, Tharsis is to the North, Morning Limb Haze over Candor. I'm not too sure if Memnonia is visible too. Can anyone confirm?
  BTW I have to specially thanks Damian for his encouragement to image Mars at this size.
(2 Jan 2000 email)

@ . . . . A very good day to you. I'm sorry that I did not mention the instrument used for the 27th Dec Mars image. It is done with a Celestron C11 (11" SCT) at f/20.5 which gives about 0.32"/pixel with my ST7E CCD camera. I should be using the C11 for my future images as I find the 5" refractor a little too small.
  I've attached a JPEG image of my name, the 1st Character is my Surname or family name and the 2nd and 3rd characters are my actual name. I hope I didn't confuse you with this explanation.
  I am really trying to image Mars everyday for as long as possible but the weather is giving me problem it's the monsoon seasons now and chances of images are not very great. I'll do my best.

(4 Jan 2000 email)

@ . . . . Is it possible for you to send me a copy of the CMO bulletins in future?

(7 Jan 2000 email)

@ . . . . Here are two of my latest mars images. I didn't intend it to be but it seems that they are of the same region. Seeing is just too terrible to justify the longer exposure to attempt any RGB shots.

(10 Jan 2000 email)

TAN Wei-Leong   ( 藴) (Singapore)    weileong@singnet.com.sg