TAN #228

Letters to the Editor

from TAN Wei-Leong in CMO #228

@ . . . . I would like to seek permission to reproduce the section in CMO#227 on me in my astro club TASOS' newsletter. I hope that in this way I could help to promote the awareness of CMO and help to gather more observations/images. Please let me know if there is any objection from you regarding this.
(11 Feb 2000 email)

@ . . . . Attached is the Mars image from 12th Feb 2000: This is the first clear night since 23rd Jan 2000 and we have poor seeing tonight (2-3 /10). I only got 10 usable images from 50 raws.
  Mars is getting pretty low from here and I got Margaritifer Sinus. Aurorae Sinus is visible to the west, and Haze over Chyrse.
  Anyway I'm still quite new to identifying the features on Mars; so please forgive me if I made any mistakes.

(13 Feb 2000 email)

TAN Wei-Leong   ( 藴) (Singapore)    weileong@singnet.com.sg