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Mola Elevation Map
CMO Index to the Mola Elevation Map

Weather Reports
MRO MARCI Weather Reports
MGS MOC Mars Exploration Rover and Beagle 2 Weather Reports
MGS MOC Weekly Weather Reports

Mars Global Surveyer
Mars Global Surveyer Index / NASA
Mars Global Surveyer Index / NASA

Mars Global Data Set

Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)

Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery
Mars Orbiter Camera Weather Reports
Mars Orbiter Camera Captioned Image Releases
MGS MOC Captioned Image Releases "Dust Storms"
Late Summer Storms Over the North Polar Region
The MGS MOC Wide Angle Map of Mars

Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES)

TES Home

Movies of maps made from TES spectrometer data show the changes at Mars from April 1999 through August 2004.
(Quicktime is requried to view mapping movies)

atmospheric dust movie (35MB)
atmospheric temperature movie (33MB)
daytime temperature movie (35MB)
nightime temperature movie (46MB)

Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)

Mola Home Page

Mars Images of Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
Hubble Space Telescope News Center / Mars

HST Mars image on 26 Aug 2003 (STScI-2003-22)

Scientists Track "Perfect Storm" on Mars (PR 2001-31)
A Closer Encounter With Mars (PR 1999-27)
Mars at Opposition: 1999 HST Images
HST 1994/95/ STScI
HST 1996/97/ STScI

Phoenix Mars Lander:
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, launched on 4 August 2007,
safely landed on the north polar region (at 68°N) of Mars on 25 May 2008 at 23:53 GMT.
The Lander is to bring the npr soil and ice to its experiments.
The 31 May report says that a view of the ground underneath the Lander adds to evidence that
descent thrusters dispersed overlying soil and exposed a harder substrate that may be ice.
Mars Lander Phoenix

MGS Looks Stuck :
NASA's MGS, which was launched 7 November 1996, has likely finished its operating career.
It has not communicated with the Earth since 2 November 2006.
Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity could not detect any signal from the MGS orbiter
on 22 November during an attempt to get the orbiter to transmit to the rover.
NASA's MGS May Be at Mission's End

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter :
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which was launched on 12 August 2005, arrived at the red planet on 10 March 2006.
The science investigations are functionally divided into three purposes:
global mapping, regional surveying, and high-resolution targeting of specific spots on the surface.
The cameras used are HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment),
CTX (Context Camera) and MARCI (Mars Color Imager).
Onboard also are two spectrometers and a radar, namely,
CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars),
MCS (Mars Climate Sounder) and SHARAD (Shallow Subsurface Radar).
MCS looks down (nadir) as well as horizontally (limb)
to quantify the atmosphere's vertical variations of water vapour, dust and temperature.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
MRO MARCI Weather Report

Mars Rover:
Mars Rover "Spirit" successfully landed in Gusev Crater (184°W, 14°S)
on 4 January 2004 at 04:35 GMT, and sent back signals and images.
NASA is thus half back, while the partner Rover "Opportunity" is still scheduled to land
on 25 January 2004 at 05:05 GMT.
Mars Exploration Rover

Mars Express:
2) Mars Express arrived near at Mars as scheduled and successfully separated Beagle 2 on 19 December 2003.
Beagle 2 was supposed to have landed at 02:54 GMT on Christmas Day, but no bark back yet.
The Mars Express probe itself fired its main engine at 02:47 GMT on 25 December
for a 37 minute burn to enter an orbit.

1) The European Mars Express was successfully launched from Baikonur
at 17:45 GMT on 3 June 2003
Europian Space Agency

2001 Mars Odyssey:
Since the Mars Odyssey arrived at Mars on October 24, 2001,
several interesting data are coming:
As to the Odyssey mission and the outcomes, click
2001 Mars Odyssey

It is also advisable to make an access to the Themis mapping images:


2005 MARSWATCH / Homepage
2005 MARSWATCH / Images

2003 MARSWATCH / Homepage
2003 MARSWATCH / Images

2001 MARSWATCH / Homepage
2001 MARSWATCH / Images

1998-1999 MARSWATCH:
1998-1999 MARSWATCH / Homepage
1998-1999 MARSWATCH / Images Calendar

Mars Today/ CMEX

ALPO : Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (USA)
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NMO: Nordic Mars Observers (Sweden)
HAS: Houston Astronomical Society

Observatories :
Arkansas Sky Observatory:   Arkansas, USA
Stag Lane Observatory (David ARDITTI) :   Edgware, Middlesex, UK
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