02 1202 Mo Note
Yukio MORITA's Martian Images
taken on 2 December 2002 (103゚Ls)

The sky is fair with good seeing: 4 - 5/10. High Pressure air is going away.

The LCM is around 327 degs W, and shows S Sabaeus near the CM and S Meridiani. M Acidalium is appearing at the morning side. The west of Utopia remains dark. The season is 103 degs Ls and the central latitude is 22 degs N.

The apparent diameter is still 4.1".

MORITA uses an f /7.7 Newtonian extended to f /50 having a 25 cm speculum equipped with an ST-5C (at -5゚C).

Image data are
    10 IR images each with 0.1 secs
    10 R60 + IR Rejection images each with 0.2 secs
    10 PO1 + IR Rejection images each with 0.5 secs
     6 B390 + IR Rejection images each with 3 secs

He is using some older filters, but is going to use a new set soon.

MORITA's observing site is located at Hatsukai-chi, Hiroshima
He is a CMO member ever since July 1992 (cf CMO #122)

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