02 1215 Mo Note
Yukio MORITA's Martian Images
taken on 15 December 2002 (109゚Ls)

The sky was not fair: a lull with seeing 4 /10.

The LCM was around 192゚W, and so not yet Syrtis Mj was on the disk. Utopia may be seen with a lighter north polar area. The season is 109゚Ls and the central latitude is 18゚N with the apparent diameter is 4.3".

Image data are
    10 IR images each with 0.1 secs
    17 R60 + IR Rejection images each with 0.2 secs
     6 PO1 + IR Rejection images each with 2 secs
    10 B390 + IR Rejection images each with 8 secs

MORITA uses an f/7.7 Newtonian extended to f /50 having a 25 cm speculum equipped with an ST-5C (at -5゚C).

MORITA's observing site is located at Hatsuka-ichi, Hiroshima

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