2002 12 22 Mo Note
Yukio MORITA's Martian Images
taken on 22 December 2002 (112゚Ls)

The seeing condition is poor (2/10), and the apparent diameter is still 4.4".

Solis L seems to show up near the evening terminator. The evening mist is visible.

MORITA uses an f/7.7 Newtonian extended to f /50 having a 25 cm speculum equipped with an ST-5C (at -5゚C).

Image data are
    20 IR images each exposed with 0.1 secs
    20 R + IR Rejection images each with 0.2 secs
    10 G + IR Rejection images each with 0.5 secs
    10 B + IR Rejection images each with 1 secs

From this time MORITA begins to use the Koh-Eisha RGB filter Type 3.

MORITA's observing site is located at Hatsuka-ichi, Hiroshima He is a CMO member ever since July 1992 (cf CMO #122)

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