021222 DPc Note
22 December 2002 (112゚Ls)


D. A. Peach, Costa del Silencio, Tenerife, Canary Isl.
11" (28 cm) Celestron SCT @ f/31.4. SBIG ST-5c camera in 1/4 frame mode.
SBIG RGB Filter set.

Total Exposure Times:

Red Light (No IR Rejection): ~35 x 0.13 secs
Blue Light + IR rejection: ~55 x 0.30 secs.

Seeing initally variable (3-8.) Later improved to good (6-8.)
Transparency good (4.0mag) with high haze/cirrus.
No wind. Light dew.

Equatorial Diam=4.40"
Altitude= 35 degs.

DPc's Current Observatory at Costa del Silencio, Tenerife

C-11 is ready for action from the current site. The balcony is about 6 metres up and faces SE, and is directly opposite (20 metres away) from a "rowdy" Scottish Bar - Karaoke evening there provides weekly observing "entertainment" for DPc. The silver tarp serves to keep the rain/sun at bay - which actually works very well.

(Communicated from DPc on 16 December 2002)

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