2003 03 06 CHr Note
HERNANDEZ's Observation of Mars on 6 March 2003 at 4:45 GMT

  λ=140°Ls,   ω=327°W,   φ=3.5°S,   δ=6.3",   ι=38°

Seeing (1-10): 6-7, Antoniadi (I-V): III-II
Transparency (1-6): 5

Instrument: 23-cm F/13.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification: 352x and 620x
Filters: Wratten 23A, 38A, and 58

South Polar Region (SPR): Appears to be obscured by an extremely bright (9/10) South Polar Hood (SPH).

Mare Australe (3/10): Visible bordering the SPH

Noachis (6-7/10) and Deucalionis Regio (7/10): Visible north of Mare Australe.

Mare Serpentis (3/10)/Sinus Sabaeus (3/10)/Meridiani Sinus (3/10):
Visible from the south-preceding (Sp) limb past the CM.

Syrtis Major (3/10): Visible bordering an extremely bright (9/10) evening limb haze (ELH).

Aeria (7/10)/ Arabia (7/10)/ Moab (7/10)/Eden (7/10): Bright desert region visible over the center of the disk.

Cydonia (7/10)/Dioscuria (/10): Visible towards the northern limb.

Ortgygia (3/10)/Cecropia (3/10): Dark region bordering the extremely bright (9/10) North Polar Limb (NPL).

Mare Acidalium (3/10)/Niliacus Lacus (3/10): Visible towards the north-following (Nf) limb.

Chryse (7/10)/Xanthe (8/10): Visible towards the following limb between Mare Acidalium and Margaritifer Sinus.

Margaritifer Sinus (3/10): Visible as a wedge towards the south-following (Sf) limb bordering an extremely bright (9/10) morning limb haze (MLH).

Observer:   Carlos E. HERNANDEZ,   Miami   FL

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