2003 03 30 DPk Note
Don PARKER's Images on 30 March 2003 at 10:52 GMT

  λ=160°Ls,   (ω=111°W,   φ=10°S),   δ=7.4",   ι (phase angle)=41°

Seeing good (6-8, Pickering). Transparency 3.5m with frequent clouds. Wind W, 0-4kts. Heavy dew. Altitude = 38°.

SPH conspicuous, bright in blue. PM cloud over Candor. Solis Lacus very dark near PM limb. Sirenum M. very dark. Aonius S. and Phaethontis dark and appears to be confluent with the eastern end of Sirenum M. Numerous "canals" detected in the Solis Planitia: Bathys; Acampsis; Phasis/Gallineria Silva; Eumenides, Eosphoros, and Tithonius.

PARKER uses a 41 cm Newtonian working at f/55 with an eyepiece projection together with an SBIG ST9XE ccd camera, equipped with a CFW-8C filter wheel and RGB interference filters as well as a luminance Red RG610 Schott filter.

Integration times:
  RG610 (610 -1100nm): 0.14s 15 images
  Red      (612 - 670nm) : 0.37s    1 image
  Green   (488 - 574nm) : 0.60s   5 images
  Blue      (392 - 508nm) : 2.00s   16 images
Images biased, flat and dark corrected.

Observer: Donald C PARKER, Coral Gables,  FL.  USA

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