2003 05 08 CHr Note
Carlos E HERNANDEZ's Observation of Mars
on 8 May 2003 at 8:15 GMT

  λ=181°Ls,  ( ω=056°W,   φ=17°S ),   δ=10.0",   ι=43°

Seeing (1-10): 5-6 (moments of 7/10), Antoniadi (I-V): III
Transparency (1-6): 4

Instrument: 23cm f/13.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification: 248x and 365x
Filter (Wratten): 30 (Magenta)

South Polar Hood (SPH): Appears extremely bright (10/10) over the southern limb.

Sinus Meridiani: It's following (western) border appears adjacent to the evening (preceding) limb enshrouded by an extremely bright (9/10) evening limb haze (ELH).

Margaritifer Sinus: Appears dark (3/10) and triangular-shaped towards the p. limb.

Mare Erythraeum: Appears dark (3/10) with lighter (shaded, 6/10) regions consisting of Pyrrhae Regio and Protei Regio (preceding to following). A dark (3/10) bar (Arsinoes Depressio?) appears to divide Pyrrhae Regio and Protei Regio. Eos appears shaded to bright (6-7/10) north of Pyrrhae Regio. Mare Australe: Appears dark (3/10) and uniform north of the SPH.

Aurorae Sinus: Appears dark (3/10) with a dark (3/10) projection from it's following end (possibly the southern portion of an obscured Ganges?).

Bosporos Gemmatus: Appears dark (3/10) and extends south between Aurorae Sinus and the SPH.

Agathodaemon (Coprates)/Tithonius Lacus: Appears dark (3/10) as a projection from the following border of Aurorae Sinus. This represents the central portion of the great Valles Marineris.

Chryse-Xanthe: Appears bright (7/10) without any detail visible within. Niliacus Lacus: Appears as a dark (3/10) wedge towards the northern limb which connects to a dusky to dull (4-5/10) Nilokeras adjacent to an extremely bright (9/10) morning (following) limb haze (MLH).

North Polar Haze (NPH): Appears extremely bright (9/10) over the northern limb.

Observer:   Carlos E HERNANDEZ,   Miami   FL

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