2003 05 12 JBs Note
Martian Drawings on 12 May 2003
at 09:10~09:25 GMT by Jeffrey D BEISH.

  λ=184゚Ls,   (ω=031°~034°W,   φ=18°S),   δ=10.4",   ι=43°

SPC conspicuous, SPR clear of hood, Dark hollow forming in SPC.
Morning limb cloud south, and MH from SPC tpo NPR. NPR hazy.
Solis Lacus ill defined. Much of Mars low contrast. BC =1.
Seeing = 4. Transparency 2-4, Altitude 37°

41cm f /6.9 Newtonian, 565x
Wratten Filters: W23A, W25, W33, W57, W64, W38A, W47.

The Beish Observatory is located (81°19'34.7"W, 27°21'07.1"N) at LakePlacid, FL, USA.

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