2003 05 25 JBs Note
Martian Drawings on 25 May 2003
at 08:10~09:20 GMT by Jeffrey D BEISH.

  λ=191゚Ls,   (ω=251°~254°, 263°~268°W,   φ=20°S),   δ=11.6",   ι=43°

ω = 251°~254°W
SPC clear with fain hollow. MH from 50S to NPR (Limb Arc). Dull DC over Libya & Crocea. Faint cloud or haze in west-Hellas. MC in Aria. Syrtis Major well defined, broad and dark for 30 deg. altitude! Syrtis Minor-Tyrrenum dark, well-defined. Cimmerium well-defined. Hesperia well definded, canal connects Cimmerium with Tyrrenum across Hesperia (Cerberus). Hellas-Zea faint. BC =1.
  Seeing = 8 - 9. Transparency 5, Altitude 30°. Moon 10 deg up. Milky Way visible!

ω = 263°~268°W
SPC clear, faint SPC hollow ("Life Saver Effect"). NPR HAZY. EH MH from 30S to NPR. Bright EC over Libya & Crocea. MC SW limb in Argyre. Bright MC over Edom. Syrtis Major well defined, broad and dark. Syrtis Minor dark, well-defined. SW-Hellas dark, faint haze or cloud?? Zea Lacus faint, BC =1. Moon close by. Mars changed little in an hour.
  Seeing = 9 - 10. Transparency 5, Altitude 42°. Milky Way still visible! T=19.5C

41cm f /6.9 Newtonian, 600x, 350-520x
Wratten Filters: W23A, W25, W33, W57, W64, W38A, W47.

The Beish Observatory is located (81°19'34.7"W, 27°21'07.1"N) at Lake Placid, FL, USA.

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