2003 0702 DPk Note
Don PARKER's Images on 2 July 2003
at 09:10~ 09:26 GMT

  λ=214°Ls,   (ω=262°, 266°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=16.9",   ι (phase angle)=37°

Seeing variable (3-5, Pickering). Transparency poor and variable (2-3.5 m) with haze, frequent cloud bands.
Wind gusty, E-SE 5-10 kts. No dew, post rain storm.
Altitude = 51°.

Dust cloud over Iapygia-Ionium has now coalesced and brightened since 1 July. Est. centered at 294°W, 25°S. Remians very bright in green light. Now brighter in red light with no IR rejection filter.
Syrtis Minor, Tyrrhenum M. and Crocea still covered with haze. Possibel dust clouds in SE Hellas. Little detail on the floor of Hellas.
Possible dust streaks in extreme eastern Hesperia. Anomalous dark features over this region in blue light.
SPC rifts distinct. Tiny ochre spot noted again on SPC, centered approx. 105°W, 82°S. NP hood remains thin, AM limb arc thin and not a bright as on 1 July.

PARKER uses a 41 cm Newtonian working at f/55 with an eyepiece projection together with an SBIG ST9XE ccd camera, equipped with a CFW-8C filter wheel and RGB interference filters

Integration times:
  Red      (610 -1100nm) : 0.13-0.19   2-9 images   (RG610, NO IR Rejection)
  Green   (488 - 574nm) :  0.48s   7 images
  Blue      (392 - 508nm) : 1.60s   6 images
Images bias, flat and dark corrected.

Observer: Donald C PARKER, Coral Gables,  FL.  USA

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