2003 Mars Images 0704 4 July 2003 (215゚Ls)
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Silvia KOWOLLIK   ( ω=124゚W )
18cm Refractor,   Philips ToUCam Pro
The Swabian Observatory, Stuttgart, GERMANY

Jeffrey D BEISH   ( ω=230゚~ 250゚W )
41cm Newtonian, 520-1045x
Lake Placid, FL, USA

Clay SHERROD   ( ω=237゚, 245゚, 253゚W )
41cm SCT, @ f/25
Philips ToUcam pro
Arkansas Sky Observatory, AR, USA

Donald C PARKER   ( ω=244゚~ 254゚W )
41cm Newtonian, ST9XE CCD Camera
Eyepiece Projection @ f /55
Coral Gables, FL, USA

Robert BUNGE   ( ω=245゚W )
11cm reflector, 270x
Bowie, MD, USA

Thomas E WILLIAMSON   ( ω=250゚, 266゚W )
20cm Newtonian, @ f /45
Philips ToUCam Pro PCVC740k (IR Block)
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Masatsugu MINAMI   (ω=336゚~ 044゚W)
25cm Newtonian (f /8.5)
530x, 550x
Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Director's Notices #01

Hiroshi ISHADOH   ( ω=350゚W )
31cm Newtonian
Cannon G2
Okinawa, JAPAN

Tomio AKUTSU   ( ω=358゚W )
32cm Newtonian, @ f /32
Bitran's cooled ccd camera BJ-41L
Tochigi, JAPAN

Eric NG   ( ω=055゚W )
25cm Newtonian, @ f /44
ToUcam Pro(UV/IR Blocker)

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