2003 0706 RBg Note
Martian Drawing on 6 July 2003
at 08:15 GMT by Robert BUNGE.

  λ=216゚Ls,   (ω=225°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=17.6",   ι=35°

Seeing 7 out of 10. Light dew, warm, humid. Mostly clear, but very hazy; 3 out of 10 for transparency.

The Hellas region dust cloud was pretty much on the limb and even seemed to stick just above the limb a tiny bit.
Preceding areas of the cloud were brighter in the w47 (blue) filter, so perhaps some moisture activity is also involved.
Other possible cloud activity across area, with one being in Mare Tyrrhenum.
Very much detail - too much to draw - in the South Polar Cap. At least one notch in the SCP rim.
North Polar Hood was most noted in white light.

43cm f /7.8 reflector, 260 & 480x

Bowie, MD USA.

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