2003 06 07 CHr Note
Carlos E HERNANDEZ's Observation of Mars
on 7 July 2003 at 05:45 GMT

  λ=217°Ls,  ( ω=165°W,   φ=21°S ),   δ=17.7",   ι=35°

Seeing (1-10): 5-6, Antoniadi (I-V): III
Transparency (1-6): 2-3 (hazy)

  The South Polar Cap (SPC) appeared brilliant (10/10) with a dusky to dull (4-5/10) central core. A dark (3/10) rift (Magnes?) was visible at approximately 180-190 West longitude. A dark (3/10) collar was noted to surround the SPC.
  The regional dust storm was noted to extend between Phaethontis (preceding or evening limb) and Ausonia (on the following or morning limb). It was noted to be more prominent using Wratten 23A (light red), 30 (magenta), and 64 (blue-green) filters.
  Thyle I and II appeared to be obscured as well. The northern half of Mare Cimmerium and Mare Sirenum appeared dark (3/10).
 A very bright (8/10) cloud (possibly with dust) was noted over Symplegades Insulae. Zephyria and Aeolis appeared bright (7/10) with a dull (5/10) streak (Tartarus?) noted across the region.
 A very bright (8/10) cloud was noted over Memnonia appearing to connect to an extremely bright (9/10) orographic cloud (Arsia Mons?) adjacent to the preceding limb.
 Trivium Charontis was weakly visible (4/10) connected to a dark (3/10) Phlegra and separated from the Propontis complex (3-4/10) by a very bright (8/10) streak (dust?).
 Another smaller streak (8/10) was noted east (preceding) the Propontis complex.
  Extremely bright (9/10) evening (preceding), northern, and morning (following) limb hazes were noted as well.

23cm ( f /13.5) Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification: 248x,344x, and 443x
Filter (Wratten): 23A, 30, 38, and 64

Observer:   Carlos E HERNANDEZ,   Miami   FL

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