2003 06 11 CHr Note
Carlos E HERNANDEZ's Observation of Mars
on 11 July 2003 at 06:30 GMT

  λ=219°Ls,  ( ω=138°W,   φ=21°S ),   δ=18.4",   ι=34°

Seeing (1-10): 5-6 (moments of 7-8), Antoniadi (I-V): III (moments of II)
Transparency (1-6): 2-3 (Hazy)

  The South Polar Cap (SPC) appeared brilliant (10/10) with a thin, dark (3/10) core and a rift noted over it's following half.
  The SPC appeared to be surrounded by a dark (3/10) collar (Mare Australe).
  Mare Sirenum appeared prominent (3/10) over the CM with thin, dark (3/10) projections noted to extend from it's northern border connecting to a dusky (4/10), thin albedo feature parallel to it. A thin, very bright (8/10) segment of the dust storm was visible along the southern border of Mare Sirenum.
  Phaethontis-Electris appeared dull to shaded (5-6/10).
  Aonius Sinus-Phasis appeared as a thin, dusky (4/10) wedge between the eastern (preceding) end of Mare Sirenum and a dusky (4/10) Solis Lacus.
  Lunae Lacus appeared as a dusky (4/10) condensation along the border of an extremely bright (9/10) evening (preceding) limb haze.
  The dust storm was visible over the south-following limb over Electris-Eridania (at this time enhanced by haze as it has been reported to have weakened significantly).
  The eastern (preceding) portion of Mare Cimmerium was visible along the following limb adjacent to an extremely bright (9/10) morning (following) limb haze.
  Tharsis, Memnonia, Amazonis, and Arcadia appeared bright (7/10).
  The Propontis complex and Phlegra appeared dusky (4/10) adjacent to an extremely bright (9/10) northern limb haze.
  Trivium Charontis appeared as a small, dark (3/10) condensation adjacent to a very to extremely bright (8-9/10) Elysium with an apparent haze over it.

23cm ( f /13.5) Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification: 248x,382x, and 362x
Filter (Wratten): 23A, 30, 38, and 64

Observer:   Carlos E HERNANDEZ,   Miami   FL

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