2003 0712 RBg Note
Martian Drawing on 12 July 2003
at 08:35 GMT by Robert BUNGE.

  λ=220゚Ls,   (ω=159°W,   φ=20°S),   δ=18.7",   ι=33°

Seeing 3 out of 10. Cool, humid, light wind. Cold front just broke hours ago, several days of very hot and humid weather to provide almost spring like conditions.

Seeing very poor, mostly 270x. Bright spot in South Polar Cap seen visually, but was brighter with a W47 (blue) filter. Bald spots, bright spots and notches; the SPC steals the show.
Bright area on following southern limb was slightly brighter in blue, but not much.
Other detail as might be expected, but washed out because of poor seeing.
First observation since the birth of John Robert Bunge 7/6/03.
20-inch stopped down to 17-inches.

43cm f /7.8 reflector, 260 & 480x

Bowie, MD USA.

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