2003 0715 RBg Note
Martian Drawing on 15 July 2003
at 08:15 GMT by Robert BUNGE.

  λ=222゚Ls,   (ω=126°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=19.2",   ι=32°

Seeing 5 out of 10. 20-inch stopped down to 17-inches. Heavy dew, cool, no wind. Fast moving low cirrus interrupted the session several times.

Very fast seeing. Lots of detail in the South Polar Cap, dark streak, other dark areas abound. Pointy projection into dark collar around SPC near the CM could be the Mts. of Mitchell that aren't either completely seperated from the SPC yet, or weren't resolved. Good amount of detail elsewhere, including a very fine view of Solis Lacus with the "eye" affect as good I've seen it in recent years. Brighter area on southern following limb was seen both white light and with w47. Brief glimpse early in session of bright area in south, but was not able to repeat throughout the rest of the observation in either white light or with the 47 filter, so no recorded cloud activity over the Tharis region

43cm f /7.8 reflector, 480x

Bowie, MD USA.

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