2003 0718 RBg Note
Martian Drawing on 18 July 2003
at 08:00 GMT by Robert BUNGE.

  λ=224゚Ls,   (ω=110°W,   φ=20°S),   δ=19.8",   ι=31°

Seeing 4 out of 10. No wind, cool, light dew on grass, none on telescope.
Fast seeing, similar to the past couple of days that resulted in seeing almost no detail at all. Really nice view of Solis Lacus; almost a double ring affect with a double "eye". Much detail in the SL region, almost too much to draw. Bright area P SL seen only with w25 filter. Limb clouds on south F edge where best seen in w85 adn 47 filters. Very faint NPH activity in 47 filter. 20-inch stopped down to 17.

43cm f /7.8 reflector, 280-480x

Bowie, MD USA.

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